Amber M.

I came to Physio Logic seeking relief from migraines that I (correctly!) guessed were the result of too-tight shoulders and poor posture. Thanks to Dr. Ken, I was able to correct this through both chiropractic and a series of exercises he developed for me to do at home each day, and that he thoughtfully evolved as my condition improved.

This is medical care as it should be.

The relief has given me back hours from each month. The migraines would attack at least once a month and sometimes twice, and more often than not, had me missing a day of work. It was a terrible way to live, and pills only somewhat relieved the pain, but never the intense pressure and light sensitivity. Now my head hurts extremely rarely, and they are regular headaches that can be managed with over-the-counter medication. I feel like I have my life back.

I can tell that Dr. Ken genuinely enjoys his calling in life. In addition to being personable, he has a deep knowledge of the muscles that inspire confidence in me as a patient. It’s also fascinating: He’s always able to find with his fingertips the exact spot that needs a little help that day, and it feels like magic.