Ben T.

What were your symptoms prior to starting at Physio Logic?

Experiencing Shoulder Pain

What about Physio Logic made you choose us over other rehab offices?

Other than Dr. Rudy Gerhman being a longtime friend, I love the energy here!! Other places have a very “medical” feel but here it feels like I’m coming home.

Who did you work with or admire at Physio Logic?

Dr. Ken Brassington took the time to understand my issues and educate me on treatment. It seems it takes longer to fix the problem when you’re not comfortable with your physician.

Why would you recommend future patients to come to Physio Logic?

Before when I would go to Chiropractic offices, it seemed they would just crack my neck and back but at Physio Logic it’s deeper than that. They take the time to get to know me and treat from there.