Christopher R.

What were your initial goals coming in to Physio Logic?

My goal was to get my ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in a better state and ready before I undergo surgery and to rehabilitate it after surgery. When I first started my care at Physio Logic I couldn’t put weight on my left leg. I had a knee brace on and had to use crutches. Then after a few treatments I gradually got better and was able to just use a cane to walk. Now with my surgery taking place in just a few days, I could walk without a cane. I’ve made tremendous progress with the help of the physical therapists at Physio Logic. I was coming in three days a week getting the necessary exercise in to be prepared. I know my recovery after surgery will be quick, and I look forward to working with everyone here again very soon.

What have you learned since starting your journey here at Physio Logic?

A lot of what I learned dealt with doing exercises properly. Learning how to use the Pilates and physical therapy equipment, learning body weight exercises, and how to pace yourself. The physical therapists helped me stay consistent with my strengthening, and kept pushing me towards heavier and more challenging workouts. They were transparent with their explanations. I enjoy all the different kinds of personalities each practitioner brought to my treatment. It was a very positive experience. I like understanding the, “why?” behind every exercise and movement I made. The team was more than willing to explain. I liked the different approaches each team member had, and the results speak for themselves.

What was your favorite part about being a patient at Physio Logic?

The sense of hospitality. Since the beginning, Physio Logic felt like a second home as I was spending 3 days of the week here getting care. I got to know all of the physical therapists. They’re all gracious, kind, and attentive. The environment that Physio Logic developed is unlike your typical physical therapy clinic. It’s very out of the ordinary, in a good way. Dr. Erin Weber, Dr. Rachel Tavel, Dr. Klaus, and the rest of the physical therapists were great.

What are the top three benefits from coming to Physio Logic??

1. Larger understanding of what was worked on. Learned a lot while getting healed. 2. Convenience. It takes me less than 10 minutes to walk over to Physio Logic. All major trains stop here as well. It’s a great location. 3. Feels extremely comfortable here. I came here often, and loved it each time.