Elizabeth M.

What were your initial goals coming into Physio Logic? What conditions/injuries did you get treated for at Physio Logic?

I was playing with my children at home when I accidentally slipped and fell very hard, breaking my leg. I went to the doctor had a cast put on. After a few months I felt like I wasn’t healing as fast I should be. My doctor took x-rays and found that I had a staph infection where I broke my bone. Since I couldn’t use my leg for such a long period of time, the muscles around it began to atrophy. That’s when my doctor prescribed physical therapy and recommended I go to Physio Logic. From the very moment I entered Physio Logic I fell in love with the atmosphere and the staff. It was a very welcoming environment and felt like a spa.

What have you learned since starting your journey here at Physio Logic?

The way I was taken care of here was completely different from any other doctor’s office I have ever been to. The whole body approach was what really sold me to Physio Logic. Everyone here is patient and I can tell that my needs are their number one priority. I’ve made so much progress here. I came in for chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy. I learned that progress takes time, and that I have to listen to my body. I could barely move around before come here and now I can run (lightly) and jump. This entire journey has been encouraging. The practitioners weren’t just focused on increasing my strength and range of motion, but looking at the bigger picture.

What was your favorite part of being our patient?

The way my treatment plan was set up exactly matched my idea of what health care should be. They laid everything out so I know exactly what to expect and what I had to work on, and they were flexible enough to switch gears if I felt some other part of me needed work. Even dealing with the insurance end of my treatment was a breeze. The case managers took care of it all. They broke down the cost for me and explained everything easily. This is HUGE when my mind was focused on just trying to get better. It made my life so much easier.

Who stood out to you the most during your treatment at Physio Logic? How did they help you reach your goals?

All the chiropractors and physical therapists were wonderful. Amanda Robotti, DPT started my care. She was my home base and kept tabs on my progress all along the way. I have nothing but good things to say about the staff here. Erin Weber and Klaus Dobra were also excellent. The massage therapist, Amy Montia’s muscle work was amazing. The chiropractors did a stellar job working out the scar tissue, my upper back, and any other part of me that they felt needed to get worked on. They have a very comfortable communication style that I really appreciate, and they have a real knack for explaining things simply.

What activities are you able to return to since transitioning from pain to wellness?

This is the best find in NYC. Hands down. I’m so glad I was referred here. It’s just a beautiful place with amazing, talented people and I just feel so blessed to have been treated here. I’m now moving on to Pilates to keep strengthening my body, and to continue working on my recovery.