Rebecca B.

Even before I fell, I knew walking down those stairs was a bad idea. My husband and I were on a ferry to a small island in Thailand during a storm. The crew yelled for everyone to head down below right away. The metal stairs were completely slick and, like most of the other tourists, I was carrying luggage and wearing flip-flops. I can’t remember the exact details of the fall, but I wound up with a cracked head, bruised hip and five broken ribs. It was obviously very painful, but three days later I couldn’t breathe. The sharp bones of the ribs had ripped my lung, resulting in a ‘massive pneumothorax.’ A triage clinician inserted a life-saving chest tube into my side before throwing me into an E.R. boat that brought me to a hospital. I was in the hospital for close to two weeks.

After my lung cavity was clear, I was let out of the hospital. My breathing fine, but everything else felt wrecked. When I got back to New York, I had intense pain from the ribs, my hip and internal nerve damage from the chest tube. I could not turn, lift my arm over my head or pick up a bottle on my right side. My body had become lopsided.

My husband had been to Physiologic after his having arthroscopic meniscus surgery and had a very good experience. I was initially resistant to the idea of physical therapy—the last thing I wanted was more time in a hospital setting. But after my first visit, I knew I’d found the right place.

Firstly, it is a gorgeous, calm space with beautiful light and state of the art equipment. Secondly, the staff was very encouraging and optimistic. Everyone was aware of my progress, so the entire team was up-to-date on my development each week. My team consisted of a physical therapist, a chiropractor and a massage therapist.

Over the course of three months I was able to get my strength and alignment back on track. I left Physiologic with an extensive exercise plan to keep me strong and building strength as I work my way back to 100%.

In addition to the physical care, I was paired with a case manager who dealt with all the insurance issues. After being in the hospital in a foreign country, I’d already spent way too much time on paperwork and it was a huge relief to be able to just focus on getting better.

My accident was a very humbling experience. I always considered myself fit and adventurous, but after the fall I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to function the same way again. The staff at Physiologic helped me regain my confidence. I offer a special thank you to Erin, Atsuhiko, Jeanine, Dr. Ken and Amy.

I recommend Physiologic without hesitation!