Joseph M.

What were your initial goals coming in to Physio Logic?

I started care at Physio Logic years ago when they were still located on Remsen street. Originally I came in to rehab my knee before my knee replacement surgery. I had 6 weeks of therapy that significantly improved the muscle structure of my knee. It made rehab much easier after my surgery, and helped shorten my recovery time significantly. The team at Physio Logic helped me get back to walking. I worked with Dr. Erin Weber for physical therapy and Dr. Ken Brassington for chiropractic. My first experience with Physio Logic was very positive, and I knew I had found my clinic for life. This time around I came in to work on my neck stiffness and lower back instability. I had trouble walking and twisting without feeling like I was loosing my balance. I worked with Dr. Klaus Dobra for physical therapy, Dr. Stephen Szaro for chiropractic, and Diane for heat and learning exercises to help with strengthening. Atsuhiko is an excellent massage therapist.

What would have prevented you from treatment at Physio Logic, and what made you choose us for treatment?

I didn’t have any issues getting in the way of me starting care at Physio Logic. My friends in the neighborhood had nothing but good things to say about this place. It was within walking distance from my home, so that was very convenient.

What was the one thing you liked most about Physio Logic?

I love the location. The interior design is excellent. I’m an architect by trade, so I pay close attention to things like light, organization, and flow of space. I think the layout and openness is very well thought out. The people that work here are great. Very friendly and helpful.

What are the top three benefits from coming to Physio Logic??

1. Movement. Physio Logic has helped with gaining me greater mobility and ease of movement with less pain, even as I’m getting up there in age. This allows me to continue doing yoga as my primary form of exercise. 2. Relaxation. This is a very calming environment. It has a spiritual quality to it. It’s a complete physiological experience getting treated here. 3. Psychological improvement. I have a better mind body connection from getting treated at Physio Logic. I’ve learned many exercises here that have greatly improved my body.

Would recommend the services at Physio Logic to anyone? If so why?

Yes, and I do all the time. My daughters come here as well. What I mentioned to you earlier are my reasons why Physio Logic is an excellent clinic to visit for your injuries and rehab needs.