Kieran P.

I’ve been a long time patient of Physio Logic mostly seeing Dr. Ken Brassington for chiropractic care and Nicole Kable for massage therapy. I had injured my right ankle this time around which was keeping me from being active. I usually play basketball pick-up games, tennis, golf, and like to do rigorous workouts. I thought the pain in my ankle would go away by itself, but after three and half weeks there was no difference, so I came back to Physio Logic. I had deep tissue work, Active Release Technique, Graston soft tissue manipulation, and was prescribed exercises to strengthen my ankle and improve my balance.

The top three benefits I received from coming to Physio Logic is having the confidence and assurance that I’ll be receiving top notch care here. Dr. Brassington delivers some excellent quality care and is very efficient. I like that Physio Logic is focused heavily on the patient and offers integrative care. All of this is done in a great environment. The setup of the space and the organization is second to none.

I have already referred many of my friends and family to Physio Logic. I absolutely recommend the services offered here.