Tara W.

I was feeling a lot of pain during intercourse. My entire life I’ve seen doctors who have told me I have been doing something wrong. My psychologist referred me to see Dr. Erin Weber for pelvic floor therapy at Physio Logic. Dr. Weber explained what I was experiencing was common and that it’s unfortunate that many other women with similar problems never get the treatment they need. I’m glad that I was referred to see Dr. Weber. Finally, I have some answers now.

I was put on an exercise program focused on strengthening my hips as well as my inner and outer thighs. I also worked on breathing. After a few weeks the pain was noticeably less painful. We’re taking small steps in the right direction. Dr. Weber has been to treat me as well, releasing a lot of the tension from my pelvic floor.

What I liked most about Physio Logic was that I felt comfortable here. Everything felt normal. I never felt weird or out of place because of my condition. I was never felt like I was doing something wrong. Dr. Weber was very supportive and was the first person to understand what I was going through and offered a real solution unlike other doctors in my past experience. I know I’m getting better. I can already feel the difference. I’m just glad I’m finally fixing the problem.

I would definitely recommend the services at Physio Logic. My condition is not normally discussed due to its intimate nature, although it should be. A lot of other women go through what I’m feeling without ever seeking help. I just want people reading this testimonial to know that there is hope. Dr. Weber is an excellent pelvic floor rehab specialist and will be able to help you get out of pain.