Nashwa Z.

What conditions were you treated for at Physio Logic?

I came in to get treatment for a bone contusion and the associated muscles that were distressed in my right shoulder. I was moving some heavy furniture around and ignored the first sign of injury. It hurt, but I didn’t think much of it until I went dancing with some friends and it definitely felt painful then. That’s when I knew I had to get it checked out.

Did any one person stand out to you during your care at Physio Logic? If so, what attributes did you admire most?

My first consult was with Dr. Mike Distler. After that initial consult I was seeing Dr. Szaro regularly for treatment. He was great. Very knowledgeable. His approach was very good – massage first (which I totally looked forward to) and then exercises later. Becca, the rehab tech, was also very helpful and a lot of fun to be with. Dr. Szaro gave great massages, he always seemed to release any knots I had around my back and shoulders.

What was your favorite part of being our patient?

Getting better [laughs]. The massages were definitely a perk. Physio Logic just has a really great atmosphere and vibe. The people here are super friendly and fun. Also, small detail, the fish are really cute and fun to look at in the waiting room.

Have you reached your health goals here at Physio Logic?

I’m getting there, but it’s definitely way better than when I first came here.

What activities are you able to return to since transitioning from pain to wellness?

Washing dishes [laughing] seriously though, you don’t realize how important it is for your body to be in order because even the little things can hurt a lot. I live in an apartment with high ceilings so there’s a lot of reaching for things and putting heavy stuff up in high places. It was so painful to do even basic tasks and that wasn’t great. My husband is pretty happy that I don’t have to ask him to put stuff away anymore too.