Ryan D.

What were your initial goals coming in to Physio Logic?

I came in with Pectus Excavatum, more commonly known as sunken chest. I got surgery to correct it two years ago and had a bar inserted to help keep my bones in place. Unfortunately, even after the surgery, I didn’t get the results I wanted. That’s when I decided to get help from the chiropractic and physical therapy teams at Physio Logic. My initial goal was to correct my muscle imbalances, increase my physical movement, flexibility, and work on body symmetry. I really wanted to work on my posture as well.

What would have prevented you from treatment at Physio Logic, and what made you choose us for treatment?

Probably if I didn’t trust the physicians I was working with. I got along and trusted Dr. Klaus Dobra, Dr. Ken Brassington, and Dr. Mike Distler after a few sessions in. I knew they had my best interests when they were treating me. Everyone is so professional and welcoming here. It’s a very positive place.

What was the one thing you liked most about Physio Logic?

I liked that we set realistic goals before even beginning treatment. I loved the combination of chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy. I felt like all of those treatments helped me get the best results possible. The level of expertise was really impressive. I like the communication between the team members. There is really good synergy at Physio Logic.

What are the top three benefits from coming to Physio Logic??

1. Accomplishing all my goals. Getting the results I was looking for was huge. It really boosted my confidence and makes me want to shoot for more. I know I have the ability to change my body. I feel better mentally. Being able to address the problem and take it head on feels really good. 2. Peace of mind. I know I’m going in the right direction, and the team at Physio Logic has been very supportive and helpful in this regard. 3. I know more about my body, and feel like I have greater control over it. I have a greater sense of awareness of my body’s positioning when I sit, walk, stand, and everything I learned here is carried over to my everyday life.

Would recommend the services at Physio Logic to anyone? If so why?

Absolutely. I had a really good experience here. There is no better place for this kind of approach. The bar in my chest will be removed this summer. I’ve made some major progress at Physio Logic, and I want others to know that it is definitely worth trying. Give yourself the chance to get the care you deserve. Don’t procrastinate.