Simone S.

A long time ago when Physio Logic was at their old Remsen Street location, Dr. Rudy Gehrman got me out of pain with chiropractic treatment. He was the first chiropractor I had ever gotten care from. I originally came in to get fixed up for an injury I suffered playing Squash. I had pulled my calf muscle. Dr. Rudy was able to get me back to playing Squash much sooner than I anticipated.

This time around I pulled my back out and wanted to get out of pain. I am working with Dr. Stephen Szaro for chiropractic care and I’m seeing the physical therapists as well. He’s been doing Graston technique. Progress has been good so far. Massage therapy is also a big factor in my recovery. The combination of all three services has been amazing. This integrative approach really works. On top of the physical rehab services, I’ve been seeing Dr. Tanuj Palvia for some epidural injections to relieve pain from my sciatic pain. My back pain has been getting to the point that it was affecting my sleep. I was feeling a sharp pain in my hip. He’s been monitoring my progress with physical therapy and chiropractic care as well.

Starting from the success my first experience with my calf injury, I have enjoyed the positive nature of the treatments. The staff is friendly and welcoming. They remember your name. Everyone seems to know what’s going on and really cares about my progress. The space is a calming atmosphere. Everyone that works here seems to like what they’re doing.

The entire team works with you. They’re highly adaptable and make sure I am getting the most out of each session. They find the programs that work best for my needs. That is so important to me. This place makes you feel very special.