Angela F.

My knees were giving me trouble, especially walking down stairs. My orthopedic doctor recommended that I go for physical therapy. A colleague of mine referred me to Physio Logic. I started working with Dr. Rachel Tavel and Dr. Sarah Whiteside for physical therapy. Dr. Tavel conducted the initial evaluation. She prescribed a series of exercises to work on during my sessions as well as take home exercises. Dr. Whiteside was the practitioner I worked with most. We would review 8 to 10 different movements to build strength. I’m doing much better now. I have more confidence to go down steps.

The staff is professional, caring, and knowledgeable. The top three benefits that I’ve gotten from Physio Logic are: 1. Getting a program that has helped to make me stronger and improve my general well-being. 2. I’m far more confident going down stairs. 3. Maintenance care.

I highly recommend Physio Logic because I had a very positive experience here.