Tara S.

I wanted to get relief from my neck and jaw pain which contributed to me getting frequent headaches. I originally heard about Physio Logic when I signed up for Pilates through Class Pass. When I came in for classes I noticed that Physio Logic offered many more services. When I saw that they offered chiropractic services and decided to schedule an appointment to get evaluated. I met with Dr. Stephen Szaro for the evaluation. He found that the curvature of my C spine wasn’t properly aligned, which was putting a lot of stress on the muscles attached to it. My Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) was another issue that was addressed by Dr. Szaro. My course of treatment included adjustments, myofascial release, and manual therapy. The craziest result was when Dr. Szaro squeezed my jaw muscles to treat my TMJ. The pain literally went away after that. The exercises I learned included train retractions and resistance exercises using a Theraband. I also used a posture pump for my neck to improve the curve of my neck while I rest.

My favorite part of being a patient at Physio Logic was feeling like an individual. Everyone listened to my concerns. The front desk remembers my name. The care managers were timely with reviewing my insurance coverage with me – something that would take ages at another office. I was pleasantly surprised by this entire experience.

The top three benefits I got from coming to Physio Logic:

  1. The personalized attention. Never felt like I was on a conveyor belt or just a number on the schedule to be checked off.
  2. Effective treatment plan that got me out of pain.
  3. A great relationship with the staff – from the front desk to the providers.

I definitely recommend Physio Logic’s services. I have been trying to get my husband to get treated here for his knee!