Brianna D.

I was suffering from pain in my right hip for nearly a year. I was seeing a doctor whose recommendations were not working and I decided to search for an alternative. I found Physio Logic while searching online and really liked their approach to treatment. There are so many services offered here, and I liked having those options available to me.

Dr. Robert Graham and Dr. Ken Brassington conducted the initial evaluation. They both recommended that I get an x-ray to get a better picture of the source of my pain. The two of them working on my case made me feel very comfortable. I can tell that they are very knowledgeable and care about their patients.

I started seeing Dr. Brassington for chiropractic care 2x a week, mostly working on stretching and a few adjustments on my hip and back. He gave me exercises to work on which Miguel, the rehab tech, reviewed with me to make sure I had proper form and knew how to go about doing the exercises. I was doing bridges and a number of other strengthening exercises. After a week and a few days I felt relief from pain.

The entire staff is very friendly, kind, knowledgeable, and very welcoming.

The top three benefits I have gotten from Physio Logic are: 1. Being able to walk without pain and being able to get in and out of my care with no issues. 2. Having the ability to begin my training for the Rock n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to participate this year because of my hip, but Dr. Brassington fixed me right up. 3. I have learned so much more about my body. I know what went wrong and what was cause my hip pain, I know what to do when I feel pain in my hip, and I can prevent this sort of pain in the future because of the exercises.

I absolutely would recommend Physio Logic to others in need of their services.