John Hirsch – Professional Endurance Athlete & Spartan Ultra Beast World Champion

What were your initial goals coming in to Physio Logic?

Maximizing my physical potential. Learn about sports physiology. Prepare and defend my world title [laughs]. I saw Dr. Szaro for chiropractic, Dr. Heffron for acupuncture, Michelle for nutrition, and Diane has been a great rehab tech showing me different exercises. The staff and care that I get here is fantastic, 10 out of 10. The practitioners were able to educate me by explaining how my body can be optimized for peak performance. Dr. Heffron was a total lifesaver for a race I had coming up. I was suffering from a sinus infection, and after doing acupuncture with her for a few days, my infection improved super quick. I ended up winning the race.

What would have prevented you from starting treatment at Physio Logic? Did you have any concerns before deciding to give Physio Logic a try?

To be honest, I was a little intimidated by science and medicine before coming to Physio Logic. I just didn’t have the right amount of knowledge about places like this clinic. I tend to only visit my doctor when something is wrong or debilitating. I decided to try something new: preventative healthcare. I came in because I wanted my athletic performance in top shape, so maintenance was key. Instead of waiting to come in with a serious issue, I decided to be more proactive and address any suspicious problems that may arise.

What was the one thing that you liked most about Physio Logic?

The interdisciplinary nature of the practice. It’s truly holistic, and the staff is wonderful.

What were the top three benefits that you felt you received from getting care at Physio Logic?

1. Fluid range of motion. 2. Better engagement of muscular chain involved in running. 3. Better energy and nutrition.

Would you recommend the services at Physio Logic to anyone? If so, why?

Yes, and I have. As a coach I recommend Physio Logic to all of my clients. As a lifelong athlete, I really like their approach and what they’ve been able to do for me.

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