Nigel Sylvester – Pro BMX Rider

What were your initial goals coming to Physio Logic?

First time I ever came into Physio Logic was when I was 19 years old. I had just broken wrist during the first year that I had become a pro BMX rider. My uncle referred Dr. Rudy Gehrman to me. This was about 10 years ago when Dr. Gehrman still had his practice on Remsen Street. After 6 weeks of treatment he got me back into tip top shape. Ever since then I’ve been coming back to Physio Logic for rehab whenever I get injured from riding. These days I’m still riding, but mostly to create content for Nike and Beats by Dre. I’ve been traveling a lot, having long flights from Asia and making my way back to New York my neck began feeling really stiff. I came in to see Dr. Michael Distler for chiropractic treatment to get adjusted and get some manual therapy done.

What was the one thing you liked most about Physio Logic?

I like that it’s right above Shake Shack [laughs]. BMX is a very demanding sport. I’m glad that I can go to a place like Physio Logic to get treated. I’ve been coming here for so many years that it feels like coming home. It’s familiar. I’ve seen the business grow. The results are amazing. I always feel better when I walk out of here. Working with Dr. Michael Distler and Dr. Rudy Gehrman over the years has been great.

What are the top three benefits from coming to Physio Logic??

1. Peace of mind that I know I’m getting the best treatment possible from Physio Logic and Dr. Michael Distler. 2. Having a familiar place to go to where I recognize many of the same faces, even after all these years. Although the location has changed it still feels very much like ‘home’. 3. It’s always clean here. Things are proper and professional. That counts for a lot with any place I go to. I’m a pretty clean person, so I like that this place is as well.

Would you recommend the services at Physio Logic to anyone? Why?

Yes. I’ve told my girlfriend to come here. I also recommend my friends and family as well.

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