William M.

What were your initial goals coming into Physio Logic? What conditions/injuries did you get treated for at Physio Logic?

I knew about Physio Logic since they were located on Remsen street. A friend of mine had gone there for chiropractic treatment and spoke very highly of it. I saw them at a health fair at St. Francis College and decided to learn more about the kinds of treatments offered at Physio Logic. My primary form of exercise is weight lifting, and I was starting to feel pain between my shoulders and on my neck during and after training. That’s when I decided to take action and come in for a consultation.

What have you learned since starting your journey here at Physio Logic?

When I began working with Dr. Ken Brassington at Physio Logic, he was able to explain to me why I was feeling pain during my exercises. There were certain muscles that were underdeveloped and weak, and because of that my other muscles were being overused and taking most of the load during weight lifting, especially overhead. He showed me some exercises that helped strengthen those muscles, and I have definitely noticed a big difference.

What was your favorite part of being our patient?

I loved learning about the human body. Dr. Brassington knows it inside out, and he was able to explain it to me in layman’s terms. I have a deeper understand and appreciation for how everything works inside, and how it’s all connected. He would literally work on a muscle around my neck and I would feel a sensation down at my fingertips. Truly is amazing.

Who stood out to you the most during your treatment at Physio Logic? How did they help you reach your goals?

Dr. Brassington. Excellent chiropractic, got me results fast, and is super knowledgeable and was able to share that knowledge with me.

What activities are you able to return to since transitioning from pain to wellness?

I’m back to training. I have very little pain. I know when I should be resting, and I will be continuing the exercises Dr. Brassington has shown me so I can progress with my weight lifting exercises.