Voodoo Flossing aka Muscle Flossing Explained

By: Dr. Tiffany Gunawardena, DC.

Voodoo Flossing, also known as Muscle Flossing, is a method of soft tissue mobilization/manipulation that utilizes a latex rubber band similar to that of resistance bands (with much more durability and less extensibility) for intermittent compression during either passive or active mobilization. It is both a powerful and effective technique that aims to restore joint range of motion and separate matted down or injured tissue. Voodoo Floss is able to accomplish such goals by promoting increased blood flow to restricted areas and compressing swollen joints that lack motion and are stiff.

What to expect during Voodoo Floss treatment at Physio Logic?

Your physician will start by finding out what area is lacking proper motion. This could be the elbow, shoulders, knees, toes, biceps, quadriceps and so on and so forth. Once the area has been identified, the voodoo floss will be wrapped around with a 50-75% stretch with a slight overlap with each successive wrap. The goal is that the band is able to create compression without cutting off circulation completely. The end of the band will be tucked in and mobilization will begin for a period of 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Slight blanching of the skin will occur during this period. Remove the floss and one will notice increased blood flow to the area within several seconds. Appreciate the new range of motion and assess improvement and if needed, repeat.

As always, be mindful when utilizing any type of rehabilitation technique and if it’s painful, discontinue use. Flossing should not be painful or restrict the blood flow that results in loss of sensation (numbness/tingling). If pain or numbness does not dissipate within five minutes, get in touch with your healthcare provider.

How does Voodoo Floss work?

Voodoo Floss is typically wrapped around the problematic joint containing a group of muscles that are restricted or lacking proper motion. A fairly large compressive will be generated a few inches above and below the area of concern, once this is accomplished the patient will be actively moving their limb in every direction, especially focusing on the movement that needs improvement in particular. The theory behind flossing is that one is improving mobility, decreasing pain and speeding up recovery. Voodoo Flossing is best used for restoring sliding surfaces, releasing myofascial trigger points, removing scar tissue, reducing inflammation/swelling in joints and improving range of motion where there is restriction or contraction.

Benefits of Voodoo Flossing

  • Increase mobility: muscle flossing is a form of soft tissue mobilization/manipulation that results in myofascial release. Because pressure is created during the compression muscles and adhesions are broken down throughout the active moments thus resulting in improved muscle mobility and increased range of motion
  • Accelerates Recovery: while the floss is being used, blood flow is restricted, once the band is removed blood flow rushes to the area, enriching the area with oxygen and nutrients — this is known as reactive hyperemia.

Contraindications of Voodoo Flossing

VooDoo Floss can be used for the majority of the general population, those who have preexisting heart or blood clot conditions are advised against such treatment. The bands are typically made from latex rubber, do not use if allergic to latex.

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