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Sleep as Medicine-Your Wake-Up Call

Whil - May 15th 2017

Physio Logic's Integrative Medicine Specialist, Dr. Robert Graham is Whil's Nutrition Advisor. Whil is "the leader in digital mindfulness, yoga, and leadership training program for businesses and consumers."

Physio Logic's new location - 409 Fulton Street above Shake Shack

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - February 2nd 2015

"Physio Logic relocated to a high-profile location just a couple blocks away that's a favorite with Brooklyn burger lovers: The Fulton Mall building where Shake Shack is situated. The chiropractic service is occupying the second floor of the handsome low-rise building at 409 Fulton St. Clients take note: Physio Logic's entrance is on the Willoughby Street side of the property."

Prescribe Real Food - Dr. Robert Graham

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - June 7th 2016

"Over the past five years I have been driven by a simple hypothesis: If the food served in our hospitals is part of the problem, is MUST be part of the solution. Thus, upgrading the foods served and the nutrition information provided by hospitals to their staff and visitors is desperately needed. “Let medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine.” –Hippocrates"

self magazine april 2016 issue

SELF Magazine - April 2016

April 2016 SELF Magazine Issue named Physio Logic as, “one of the hottest boutique fitness studios" in the nation. Brooklyn in the house!

Physio Logic Pilates Studio in Downtown Brooklyn

Well and Good - March 3rd 2015

Well and Good Magazine writes about Physio Logic Pilates & Movement and how it's integrated seamlessly with the Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, and Integrative Medicine services offered.

Diane Lee, Dr. Stephen Szaro, & Amy Montia at Physio Logic in Downtown Brooklyn

Industry Magazine - February 6th 2017

Industry Magazine's Matt Scalon comes to Physio Logic as a patient and describes his experience being treated by the orthopedic rehabilitation team.

The FRESH Medicine team: Dr. Robert Graham, Michelle Miller, Julie Graham

Industry Magazine - October 14th 2016

Industry Magazine's writers visit Physio Logic to meet with the FRESH Integrative Medicine team, Dr. Robert Graham, Michelle Miller, and Julie Graham. This article uncovers the approach taken by the FRESH team to get patients healthy by examining lifestyle factors such as food, relaxation, exercise, sleep, and happiness.

Dr. Klaus Dobra, Dr. Mike Distler, and Jeanine Robotti, PT at Physio Logic's Summer Social Fundraiser

Industry Magazine - July 21st 2016

Last year's "Summer Social" was organized by Lennox Hill Radiology, Physio Logic, and The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. The event brought together top physicians from all New York City as well as their guests to kick off the summer season and raise money to fight pediatric cancer.

Industry Magazine - July 20, 2016

Industry Magazine wrote a piece about the Spine and Sports Medicine team at Physio Logic and the exciting possibilities of stem cell therapy. Stem cells are used a natural, safe, and effective therapy to help regenerate damaged tissue. This article reviews some of it's applications and the success it has had with certain patient cases.