5 Tips On How To Boost Your Immune System

Purell, sniffles, and cough drop season is upon us. While you may not be able to completely prevent the flu this season, a healthy immune system is your best shield against foreign invaders. Below, Physio Logic’s Clinical Nutritionist, Michelle Miller, MSACN; and Nutritional Educator & Registered Dietitian, Rachel Naar, RD, delve into some tips on how to boost your immune system, stay a step ahead of unwarranted germs, and allow you to focus on the important things this season like friends, food, and family.

How to boost your immune system - boost your immune system with these 5 easy tips | https://physiologicnyc.com/clinical-nutrition/
Flu season is upon us! Boost your immune system with these 5 easy tips below.
  1. Hand Washing > Hand Sanitizer

  • Tried and true, good hygiene and hand-washing help prevent the spread of germs
  • Remember to wash produce before eating or preparing meals
  • Hand sanitizers can do a great job of killing bacteria, but not completely ridding them
  • Hand washing with soap traps dirt and germs in the natural oils of the skin, and then suspends them in the water
  1. Stress Management

  • Stress really does bog down our immune system
  • Try simple yoga movements, meditation, listen to music, gratitude journaling or simply giving your electronics a curfew
    • Now, on most iPhones, you can even set a time limit for certain apps. Search for “downtime” on YouTube or your app store to learn more.
  • Experiment with calming essential oil sprays for your pillow or around your apartment.

Our Clinical Nutritionist, Michelle Miller, likes blends of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy

  • Fun Fact: Rachel Naar from our Clinical Nutrition Department actually listens to “Calming Lullabies for Baby” on Spotify, and swears by their super soothing capabilities


  1. Sleep Consistency

  • Lack of sleep contributes to a variety of health concerns such as hormone disarray and a weakened immune system
  • 7-9 hours of sleep is recommended each night for adults
  • Set a bedtime and plan for lights out
  1. Move it

  • Exercise helps boost your immune system through increasing circulation
  • Antibodies are able to travel through your bloodstream faster allowing for ease of fighting off an infection
  1. Variety of Vitamins

  • To boost your immune system through diet, aim for five to seven servings of vegetables and fruits daily to get immune-boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. (Pro Tip: aim for more veggies than fruits)
  • The more you vary your fruits and vegetables, the more you expand the plethora of vitamins and minerals you’re absorbing, so mix it up!
  • Check out our favorite immune boosting Vegan Sweet Potato Kale Chickpea Soup, rich in B vitamins!

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