Acupuncture for Migraines: Here’s What You Should Know
Acupuncture for Stress Relief
Acupuncture in Brooklyn, NY
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Is Acupuncture Only Good For Pain?
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Acupuncture in
Brooklyn, NY


Visit our NYC acupuncture clinic today!

Downtown Brooklyn, New York
(Just 10 minutes from Manhattan)

Acupuncture at Physio Logic NYC in Brooklyn, NY is a rewarding experience whether you just come for acupuncture or it’s a part of your treatment plan here at Physio Logic NYC.

Dr. Ece Algur, our resident Licensed Acupuncturist, treats all varieties of patients in her practice with a special interest in neuromuscular diseases and pain management. In addition, she has been successful treating infertility, anxiety, menopause and perimenopausal complaints, and gastrointestinal diseases. She also treats pediatric patients with asthma, ADHD, and anxiety. Dr. Ece also has experience in facial rejuvenation needling techniques and facial cupping.

Come visit us in Downtown Brooklyn, NY to see why Physio Logic is different.

Acupuncture for Migraines

Woman getting acupuncture for migraines at Physio Logic NYC in Brooklyn, NY.

Acupuncture for Anxiety

Man getting acupuncture for anxiety at Physio Logic NYC in Brooklyn, NY.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Woman getting acupuncture for weight loss at Physio Logic NYC in Brooklyn, NY.

Acupuncture for Back Pain

Man getting acupuncture for back pain at Physio Logic NYC in Brooklyn, NY.

Meet Your Brooklyn, New York Acupuncturist

Dr. Ece Algur, LAc, DACM, MD


Licensed Acupuncturist

Acupuncture Testimonials

“Everyone has been great. All the chiropractors, Dr. Stephen, Dr. Ken, and Dr. Mike. I loved seeing Dr. Nya and Dr. Amanda, for physical therapy. The support staff is outstanding. I enjoyed working with Dr. Allison for acupuncture as well.”

Dolly M.

Hamish is a competitive power lifter that had recently injured himself while performing a back squat. The orthopedic rehabilitation team at Physio Logic helped him recover quickly with a combination of physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture to get him competing again. Find out how our practitioners worked together to help Hamish get back in the game.

Hamish T.

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