My BASI Pilates Experience

BASI Pilates - Aryanna Aronson Contemporary Dancer and BASI Pilates Apprentice |
Aryanna Aronson Contemporary Dancer and BASI Pilates Apprentice Instructor at Physio Logic Pilates

In this article, Aryanna Aronson, BASI Pilates apprentice instructor at Physio Logic Pilates, discusses her experience as a contemporary dancer and her path to Pilates. Based out of New York, Aryanna currently dances professionally for a couple choreographers. She has recently performed around New York City and Brooklyn, Jersey City and Hartford Connecticut. She is very excited to be performing at the NY Transit Museum, Dixon Place and Detroit this summer.

Choosing Pilates As My Profession

As I was nearing my college graduation last May, I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life now that I will no longer have school filling almost every hour of my week. Having grown up dancing since the age of 3 and studying dance at a 4-year institution, it was only natural that I wanted to go into a profession that involves body awareness, physicality and healthfulness.

I discovered Pilates in high school while dealing with pain in my low back from the countless hours of dancing that I was doing. As a dancer, I have found that Pilates tremendously helps and complements my dance training. Yet beyond that, Pilates allows me the space to rebalance, release and reconnect for a full body effect. I wanted to take my Pilates experience to the next level and become an instructor because I have felt the numerous benefits Pilates has to offer personally, and I wanted to learn more and teach others. I completed the BASI training course in 2017 and I am working towards becoming certified this summer. I am beyond thankful and grateful to have had the opportunity to teach as an apprentice here at Physio Logic where I am fulfilling the 500-hour requirement before the certification test.

BASI Pilates - Aryanna Aronson BASI Pilates Apprentice and Contemporary Dancer |
Aryanna Aronson BASI Pilates Apprentice Instructor at Physio Logic Pilates and Contemporary Dancer

Why BASI Pilates?

Now why did I choose BASI? As most pre-graduates, I started talking to everyone and anyone in my life about what I should do next. I knew I wanted to move to New York post graduation to be able to experience living in a city, dancing, and having a good time. I found my way back to Pilates through a mentor of mine, a graduate student from the University. She had recently completed the BASI course in Chicago and moved to New York to teach and pursue a dance career. I asked her countless questions about why Pilates, why BASI, and after many conversations, I found it was a great match for me as well. BASI offers many options to meet one’s personal and professional goals in a curriculum-based educational program. I wanted a program that was going to be extensive and as comprehensive as BASI. Having learned so much during school in the dance program about the physical and mental aspects of movement, I knew I could benefit further by choosing a program that delved deeper into this. BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International; I truly believe it is about the art and the science of the body and what positive effects movement can have on a person.

One of my favorite components of BASI is the The Block System on which it runs. The Block System is a methodology of structuring sessions that ensure the growth of clients and it creates sessions that are balanced, well-rounded, and address all planes of movement and multiple muscle groups. I find The Block System extremely helpful when working with clients because it is an efficient and versatile way to move through a session; I choose exercises under a particular block as I work with a client to best fit what is needed for his/her body that day.

BASI opened up the opportunity for me to be a part of this amazing team at Physio Logic.

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