What to Look for in a Chiropractor Near Me

Finding a skilled and professional chiropractor may seem like a daunting task. Everyone you ask will most certainly have their own opinions and searching “chiropractor near me” may lead to a plethora of online reviews by strangers. How do you choose? Physio Logic Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Vanchieri, DC, breaks down 5 things to look for so you can make an informed and independent decision on chiropractic care.

What to look for in a chiropractor near me.

1. Their office has that “feel to it.”

We’ve all experienced it before. You head to a doctor’s appointment, nervous and apprehensive only to have those feelings enhanced by an unwelcoming front desk, an untidy waiting area, and disorganized treatment rooms. Whether anyone likes it or not, an office must consider the patient experience. If you enjoy being in the space and its employees, you’re more likely to get out of pain and increase function. Find an office that you enjoy spending time in with employees that are enjoyable to spend time with.

2. They measure progress objectively.

Pain ruins lives. Both you and your chiropractor agree that it’s a big treatment goal to get you out of it. Pain also has a funny way of being deceiving. A tough day at work can really flare up that back pain. All of a sudden, after eight productive visits, “treatment hasn’t worked.” It’s important to have other metrics of progress when pain plays tricks on you. Look for your doctor to place value in metrics like range of motion and strength tests. The more quantifiable these tests can be, the better. Your chiropractor will know they’re still on the right track if your toe touch test is improving despite having an achy day.

3. They understand their limitations.

A skilled chiropractor does more than just “crack bones.” Besides restoring proper joint mechanics through manipulative therapies, a chiropractor can influence the length and tone of muscles, the tissue quality of ligaments, and the ability for nerves to slide, glide, and relax. They will also have knowledge of rehabilitative exercises to restore posture and improve strength. Proper treatment can slow down degenerative changes or reduce the symptoms of degenerative changes. No chiropractor will fix your arthritis or any structural issue for that matter. Don’t let someone fool you into fixing your idiopathic scoliosis you’ve had since you were eight.

4. Their referral network is strong.

If they understand their limitations, chiropractors need to have quality practitioners that can handle conditions not in their wheelhouse. Look for a chiropractor that has strong relationships with medical doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, fitness coaches, and other health care providers.

5. Your treatment plan is clear and concise.

You shouldn’t be seeing your chiropractor three times a week forever. Each condition ought to have a treatment plan that outlines length, visit frequency, markers of progress, tissue specific locations of treatment, a rehab plan, and specific discharge criteria. Your chiropractor should understand your goals and your treatment plan must align with those goals. Ask questions if you’re unsure of the intent of certain therapies. If it can’t be explained well, it’s most likely fluff.

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