Functional Medicine Podcast, Brooklyn, NY
Virtual Event: Immune Support Guide
Virtual Event: Immune Support Guide
We are often faced with immune system challenges. Join us as we cover the best ways to support your immune system from Diet, Lifestyle, vitamins, and herbs, to the best of biohacking like peptides, NAD, HBOT, and Cryotherapy.
Virtual Event: The Peptide Difference
Virtual Event: The Peptide Difference
Peptides have been making a massive splash in Functional Medicine! Join us as we unpack all the power and beauty of these healing amino acid chains.
Telehealth Services at Physio Logic NYC
Telehealth Services at Physio Logic NYC
Keep your health on track. We now offer telehealth for most services, including Functional Medicine.
FUNC YOU UP! Podcast
FUNC YOU UP! Podcast
The best in wellness, nutrition, and functional medicine in eight minutes or less.
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Functional Medicine
at Physio Logic NYC

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach that engages both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.1 It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, personalized functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Functional medicine practitioners spend time with their patients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. In this way, functional medicine supports the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual.

If we discuss a common condition such as arthritis we can see how functional medicine can be the wave of the future. The root of all chronic disease, even “arthritis”, can be linked to systemic inflammation. If we have systemic inflammation, our tissues will be subject to continued wear and tear. With continued wear and tear our muscles and joints will be subjected to what we call “arthritis”. If we can reduce systemic inflammation through diet, supplementation, exercise, and evaluating genomic risk we can reduce our chances of expressing this common disease that plagues our society today.

Functional medicine is the revolution of treatment for common chronic illnesses including diabetes, thyroid disorders, anemia, arthritis, autoimmune, obesity, and many others. We look forward to helping you achieve better health through a more thorough, functional approach to medicine.

1. “Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.” The Institute For Functional Medicine. Accesses April 30, 2019.

Meet the Functional Health Team at Physio Logic

Dr. Patty DiBlasio, MD, MPH


Functional Medicine Doctor

Michelle Miller, MSACN


Clinical Nutritionist

Dr. Rudy Gehrman, DC


CEO & Founder

Dr. Stephen Szaro, DC


Clinic Supervisor & Chiropractor

Patient Testimonials

“Michelle’s guidance during the Standard Process 21-Day Detox was invaluable, irreplaceable and absolutely necessary to keep me on track and feeling great.”

Jamie S.

“After seeing Michelle for nutrition for a few months, we did a second blood test, and it was great to see such positive results in such a short time.”

Anna B.

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