Risa G.

I recently was walking up some stairs when I twisted my knee. That twisted created multiple tears in my meniscus and excruciating pain to go along with it. It was so bad that I could even walk for several days. I saw my orthopedist who recommended physical therapy. I have been a long time patient of Physio Logic, having seen Dr. Rudy Gehrman, Jeanine Robotti, Dr. Stephen Szaro, and Dr. Erin Weber in the past for care at their old Remsen Street location. For this time around, I worked with Dr. Erin. She created an exercise program focused on getting me to walk without pain. This included a lot of muscle strengthening for my legs and core. We worked on improving my balance on my injured leg and stretching. Progress has been going really well. I had massage therapy done twice by Amy Montia, LMT.

The top three benefits that I’ve gotten from coming to Physio Logic were: 1. Getting set on the right path in terms of the exercise programs created for getting my out of pain. I saw a very positive progression during my treatment here. 2. Losing weight. 3. Feeling better overall.

Physio Logic has impressed me with the services they offer. It is truly a full body experience. I’ll be coming in for Pilates to continue maintenance care after my visits are through. I highly recommend Physio Logic to anyone in need of physical therapy or chiropractic services. They’ve healed my body time and again and I always leave stronger. It’s a beautiful place with great people.